New Premium Body Design Available!


Good evening!

We are pleased to introduce our newest, premium body design! Our new bodies come with an inside cover on the arms and legs. This will make assembly much easier by preventing stuffing from coming out. Stuffing will also be more secure. Our new, premium body is also available at an amazing price, only $14.95 per body!

We now have a 20" version of our new body available (more sizes coming soon!). Our newest body is available in both our peach color and biracial color. You can purchase them here: The 20" inch size is perfect for a lot of our Realborns, or for any full limb baby around 20" long when completed. To see which body your particular kit takes, just check out the “related items” in the item description for that kit.

This adorable, cuddly body also comes with a gathered chest and baby bottom. The gathers are reinforced to stay in place even as the elastic ages. This body is made to last and comes with cable ties already threaded through for you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bountiful Baby


Can’t wait to try those!


I’m confused. These aren’t new. I got one last year. Am I right or wrong @jlesser :woman_shrugging:t2:


The size is new :wink:


I remember ones with an inside slip, but I don’t recall having opening covers.


Ohhhhhh…got it. Thanks lady!!


The body they recommend for Ashley is the new ones with the slip and it does have covered openings as well.

(I personally dislike it)


Is this one easier to figure out than the one for Ashley. Kind of hard to stuff.


Me too. Makes it harder to assemble. I don’t like the stocking inside


This one doesn’t mention or show an inside slip/pouch.


Someone asked me why I didn’t cut it off when I was complaining about it… lol. Never thought of that but it would have saved the headache! (hand ache)


@bbsupport does it have the neck stocking also?


Exactly. I’m cutting it out of the two I have left.


When I have to buy the Ashley bodies I cut out the inside thing too


These don’t seem to have the problem of sticking too far out in the front or back, and seem to be more streamlined – won’t make the baby look like a “stuffed shirt” when they are dressed.


I just used one of the bodies for Ashley - I cut the stocking part off. I never did see a purpose for it other than to make stuffing it even more difficult!


It looks like this one doesn’t have the stocking because you can see the poly fill coming out the neck there.


I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t like that neck sticking in the Ashley body. All it did was confuse me. I couldn’t figure out what it’s purpose was. :woman_shrugging:t2:


lol Yup…totally confused by it and my hand hurt…I have small hands too.


The neck on the new 20" size does not have the stocking. The new sizes we will be adding in the next few months will not have the nylon in the neck either. :wink: