New open eyed realborns your opinions


I am in love with the open eyed Joseph.
His prototype is just adorable.


So far I have seen only two that I like Joseph is one and Owen the others just seem to have something about the eyes that don’t attract me .


He is the cutest and honestly like marrabo said Joseph is the only open eyed Realborn I even like but I do like Elizabeth now that I’ve seen her.


I had her on my like list however after looking at her more I am back on the fence with her just something about the eyes still perhaps looking at more versions will help.


I thought the same thing about the eyes but I just went and looked at the ones done by Hellen and hers do not look off but I can’t figure out what it is.


I still see it even with her work just not so much but I have to think since I am not on her level of artistry I would not get that look she manages were I to do one.


I like the limbs on the Realborns, and even though I’m a bit bored with them because they all sort of look like versions of the same baby, the closed eye ones are OK. The open eye versions all have the same strangely shaped eyes. Same with the most recent BB kits that aren’t Realborns. Something about the eyes makes it real easy for me to pass them up, and I’m glad to know other people see it too!


I LOVE Joseph awake and Dominic Awake’s prototypes :heart:


I’m with Marrabo those are the only 2 I’ve fallen for.


My favorites with open eyes too.


Something about the eyes is hard for me to get over as well… I love Ashley, wanted to love her awake version, but am not sure yet. Owen and Joseph awake are really cute though.


Y’all may hate me for saying this… but I don’t like the realborns. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: The only one I own is Leif, and I’m not so sure I’m even going to keep him. They just don’t appeal to me. I kind of think they all look very similar as well… and the eyes are indeed off for some reason when they’re opened. :face_with_monocle: I do love the idea behind it though- scans of real babies!


No biggie to me. If we all liked the exact same things, life would be rather dull.


I like them, Dominic Elizabeth and Emmy are my favorites!


Dominic awake is perfect to me he’s the only one I’m drawn to at the moment .


I like them all…open or closed eyes.


I don’t care for a few of the Realborn open eyed babies, and I’m not sure why.

However, I have done several Thomas Awakes and love him so much. I am working on a Clyde awake now and he is turning out so pretty I might make him a girl.

I have done one Sleeping Ana and am really pleased with her, but I don’t care for the open-eyed version. Don’t know why. I really want to do a Dominic Awake baby someday. Need to make room.

I love, love, love the Realborn limbs. Wrinkles on the hands just melts my heart. And, if you know me, you know I want full limbs.

I call my Sleeping Ana Gwyneth. She is on ebay right now.


Okay, so first, I love that there ARE so many awake realborns coming out! I am generally an “awake baby” person, and I by far preffer realborns to sculpted kits for realism! (Tho I like some of those expressions in real kits like Saskia I haven’t seen much in realborns like THAT) I am thrilled so many awake realborns are coming out!!! So I am stoked!! I think the faces as well as the limbs have tons of realism.

The one I am most eager for by faaar is Joseph!! Smiley little guy!l

Ashley, Elizabeth, and Dominic have potential as well


I like be them all! I can’t even pick a favorite. :smile:


I’ve done several of Ana too. I love her!