New one on Ebay

This is my Caleb! Please help cheer him on … :MESELX:IT

Auuuchhh I love your babies and this one is just Lovely sweet. BOL.

Thank you! The pictures are terrible though. The lighting is all off because the sun just wouldn’t stay out. I hate that, lol!

He’s adorable! BOL with his auction.


he is one cute little boy. I’m cherring him on for you. Good Luck

thank you NormaJean

Aw, I think he’s adorable and so are his pictures. BTW I like the music on your auction.

Thanks you guys! I don’t like most music but this song is so sweet. I know most people probably prefer no music though.

sweet baby…I hope to do this sculpt soon, but as a little girl! I liked your pics! It’s so hard to get the lighting just right, isn’t it? They turned out well. Best of luck on his auction!

OMG I fight with getting the right lighting. Sometimes I win and sometimes I loose but it’s always different.

Your baby is adoreable… That is beautiful music in your auction, I love that song…so does my beagle…every time I look at one of your auctions and your music starts to play, he starts to sing with the song…he just loves balad type songs… and opera.

haha, that’s too funny! I have a beagle too but she only “sings” if I howl first. Heehee.

Thanks, lol, looks like I’m gonna need it. Again (sigh)