New nuwave oven

I just purchased a nuwave oven. Do I keep the lower rack in while baking reborns? Also how do you line the dome and base and with what? Should I use cloths or polyfill? Does it matter?

Take the rack out and use the extender ring. Lining depends 9n how big the doll is. I line mine with a receiving blanket and lay parts flat except for the head which sits on its flange. Polyfill can help create a slant for larger pieces.

Thanks for the help. I was afraid babies would burn without the rack. I will now take it out. How many layers of the receiving blanket?

I fold mine in quarters to make it fit and prevent the parts from touching the sides.

Thanks. I am doing a dry run just now - no babies yet.

The timer on my new nu wave oven doesn’t work. I guess I will have to return the oven.

I actually keep my rack ‘in’—but I turned it upside down so the rack part is on the bottom of the oven. The ‘handles’ of the rack will be sticking ‘up’ close to the glass, I hang my oven thermometer from the handle, that way it doesn’t take up any space on the floor of the oven and I don’t have to try to fit parts around it. I then place my ‘dishtowel’ (or whatever you are using) on bottom of the oven (over the rack), works perfectly. @ltwilliams13

Get rid of the rack you want as much space between the heating element and the baby as you can get and if the rack gets hot it can leave little dents. Use the extender ring and line the bottom and sides with a soft flannel (a used receiving blanket is perfect, it won’t burn) Some people use batting, I have never tried that. Stay away from any fabric with texture (like towels) it leaves little pit dents in vinyl.

Did you get the turn dial or the digital. I have both.

If it is digital

Cook temp
cook time

if you are using the dial you need to make sure the dial has gone to zero and done its bell thing before you try to set it again. Do a couple test runs and watch it against the clock on your phone. I thought mine didn’t work but I wasn’t fully resetting it. I also put sharpie marks on time and temp so it was easy to just turn dials and go.

I have a digital. Why 365? I usually use 265 for 8 mins. Is this wrong with a nu wave?

Pretty sure @Gabriell had a typo :slight_smile: it is 265°

A total typo, sorry. What is it with me, I can’t seem to get my temp straight!!! I did it three times on video.

I bake mostly everything in the house at 365 maybe my old brain can’t switch gears like it use to, I need to take more vitamins.

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