**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


Best to be said Britt did not lie and did return the box I feel sorry for all involved a pretty rough trip .


Yay jerky!


If you’re uncomfortable with that, check pet chickens in need of a home online. I’m not saying you should, but people usually get rid of their non egg laying chicken and people get it and make friend chicken.:kissing:


I air dry for convenience, the rules and space.


You have dryer rules…?


Yes… poor Ashley!!!


Yep which is odd. We can wash in our apartment but can’t have a dryer. I wonder why I smell Downey so often by the windows. I’m probably one of the few who abide by the rule.


Hmm, that is odd… Lol. Maybe it’s a fire hazard thing.


Poor me too. I’ve seen some things!



They’re cheap and don’t want to pay for the added water and electricity usage. In winter, we have cold days. The water gets ice cold and there’s no heat.


Dang girl!! Sounds like you need to find a new place to live!!! Lol


Put in a pillow case first and tie it really good. They shouldn’t get loose in the dryer.


I would but it’s cheap rent. I’m trying to find something before the kids are too old. I want them back in the suburbs or the countryside.


The could work, and I guess dead bugs in the dryer would be better than live bugs anywhere else. :+1:


I hear ya!!


Holy cow. After reading through all of this I feel bad, but I’m starting to think twice about doing a Canadian box. Theft, lying, and BUGS??? Bugs are more than I can handle. Bugs are a no. No bugs. No. No.

I live in a basement that had been uninhabitated for a month or two and the first few nights we would find spiders and earwigs in the bed. It made me absolutely sick. Then just a month or so ago I rolled over in bed and found myself face to face with a spider the size of my thumb.

No bugs.

Seriously though, I thought up methods of theft prevention. There is, however, no “bug prevention.” So sorry this is happening to you folks.


We are country folk. I would actually feel much more comfortable feeding my kids home raised chickens. We have a freezer full of home raised quail and one turkey, along with our home raised pork, and the other freezer full of nature raised deer venison. My shelves are full of home canned vegetables from our garden. The plan for all these chickens has always been to thin them out by sending them to freezer camp as they got older. But it’s hard to decide which ones to send to camp. So I send none. Yet. :grimacing:


Yes, farm animals sometimes suffer from lice and “scruff” aka dandruff. But lice can’t live too long away from the animal, so even raw mohair shouldn’t have live bugs in it. I only recall (dead) lice in one small batch out of the many many pounds of raw hair I’ve purchased. I choose not to work with it. Some fiber artists remove the gross stuff, but it’s a lot of work and frankly just not worth the time to me. If someone were to process buggy hair, there wouldn’t be a trace of it left after the many steps that go into making doll hair.

Bugs might be attracted to mohair though, just as they’re attracted to wool sweaters and other natural materials.


Thank you ma’am :slightly_smiling_face: I knew you would have some good info on that topic @Rainbowbabies.


Have a drawing except instead of a cruise they take a journey that’s one way? Yummy country food is the only food. I love texmex and Mexican food. I miss living in the southwest.