**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


I know. :frowning: I’ve been checking in periodically. I just have no words. I’m at work right now. Theara is going to send the box back to me where I’ll keep it outside to see what can be cleaned/treated and what needs to be tossed.


I think some of the clothes will have to be tossed out. Possibly the mohair? Is it safe to use a kit or should I assume heck no? Everything got tossed back in there as soon as I saw that move.


Live animals inside haha!


Was it not written on the box @Theara ?? I believe she was supposed to notify the postman… Lol


Just checking… I hate that you and @Theara are having to go through this. :disappointed:


Thank you. I’m rocking back and forth thinking about lice. That broke me. I can’t. Let me go back to rocking lol.


There can be mealy bug or weevil eggs laid inside the grains at the farms, processing plants and during transport in the sealed containers that can later hatch. Freezing will kill them.


The kids said he threw it at them darn near. I wonder if something moved inside?


If I had a walk in freezer, I’d freeze the box in a garbage bag for a few days. I feel bad that Ashley has to deal with this too. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Love it! People judge everything. It’s like that in most places outside the city. I’d teach my kids but New York is not that place. They’re so adorable. My son wants to shoot at hunting season but I’m worried about judgement. Do you sell any of that venison? Buffalo and venison is $20 a lb here at the farmer’s.


Sometimes we process it ourselves and make jerky out of it. Some times we take it to the meat locker. Usually we just have my husband’s allotment. This year I have my license and 3 out of 4 of my boys have theirs. So hopefully we will have lots of meat. If I make jerky, I’ll send you some. :wink:


Good luck filling your tags and freezer :slight_smile:


Thanks. My freezer is almost empty from last year. And the other freezer is almost empty from the pigs it was filled with. Time to get more pigs, shoot some deer, and probably butcher some chickens. I’m just not brave enough for that one yet. But 60+ chickens providing half a dozen eggs a day…we can’t justify feeding them and buying chicken at the store. :weary:


I was told that high heat from a clothes dryer will also kill the bugs.


Seems like it would work… But I wouldn’t want to put bugs in my dryer :confounded:


Aha mystery solved Thanks that has been something I have wondered about for some time now.


How terrible @Theara
How embarrassing for Britt😐


Yes on both counts no winners in this


Hell naugh there’s not! Geez oh Pete’s!


I agree (@nikkiroc and @marrabo) and now poor Ashley has to deal with this mess. :pensive: