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I would still be a teacher if we had that luxury around here.


That’s why it’s driving me crazy… NOT knowing EXACTLY what it is. It might make more sense if we could identify the “things” and figure out how the heck they got in there… And where they came from… :thinking:

I’m not saying it’s impossible, would just like to know HOW???


That’s a gifted school situation here. The only way you get that small a class size is private schools, charter schools or the rich areas.


Me too! I’m not going in there again. They keep jumping inside the bag.:cold_sweat::nauseated_face:


That is why I ask it has been bothering me for years and I have had no clear answer as of yet .


Bugs are in everything. Food, clothes. Even cereal isn’t safe and it’s legal.


I don’t blame you… Eeeeek!! I would bomb my house (with the box in it) kill off all of them I could.


Small town schools here are all that way. But the damn scores don’t match up. With those ratios they should be at the top of the lists academically. But they aren’t. My boys have great teachers. But overall, the school is full of unqualified teachers. It’s one of those situations where you can have a degree in a “related field” and take a teaching test and be a teacher. So much potential with the low ratios, but not enough qualified teachers. :confused:


I wonder if that’s why the box had such a hard time getting to you @Theara :thinking:… It’s not cheap to ship “live creatures” :laughing: j/k… J/K!!


Our scores match the terrible conditions lol. It’s so bad I’m considering bullet proof vests for the kids. The elementary isn’t too bad but I’m worried about the middle schools.


Maybe our “sealed” bags aren’t as sealed as we think they are… :thinking:


I do feel like my kids are physically safe. A lot of the little schools around here have signs saying the teachers carry guns. Ours doesn’t say that. But I imagine there are teachers with guns in their purse. And overwhelmingly, it would pass if they voted to have armed teachers.


It wouldn’t pass here. The teachers are very Sex in the City lol. I had to face facts about the area and the city period. It has too much crime. I’m mulling over a gun license but I don’t like the idea of a gun in my house.

My grandad had a shotgun, hunted, fished and I don’t have problems with guns. Then I read about the gun accidents. If that happened here, I’d never forgive myself.

As a funny story, if grandpa broke his shotgun down in front of friends, they needed to go home. He also shot his thumb off once.


Oh my this is just, well I have no words really. Is there some mohair or something that might have had bugs that spread somehow? I only ask because I bought some mohair on eBay that arrived with bugs. They were dead, but there. I threw it out of course- I did not even ask for my money back because I did not want to handle it for mailing it back. I did tell the seller about it and she seemed unconcerned.


Oh good question!

I have had RAW mohair with grass bits, gunk, and nits. Thankfully no live lice


Just scrolled back through looking for @ashleyfox98 has she been informed about this unfortunate event…?


The mohair looked weird. I did open that. It had black stuff inside. I’m tempted to check again but I can’t. I was stupid and curious and opened it to see if it made me itch.

Wool makes me itch and pet hair and really anything with feathers or fur makes me break out in hives and have an asthma problem. I was fine. I wonder…


I believe nits and “stuff” is a common thing, especially in raw mohair. I could be wrong though, maybe @Rainbowbabies could inform us on that if she has a minute. @jennyk @jlesser @Theara




It’s true. I just read so here.