**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


Tracking says it’s on your front porch. Did you get it? :grin:


I did!!! HOLY COW!!! This bad boy seems endless, you ladies have been feeding it well :wink: No wonder it was so heavy- there are multiple kits and miss @Katinafleming added a Texas sized load!!
I don’t even know where to begin, the only things I even want to pass on are the things of mine that are already in there haha haha
I will post pics as soon as I decide which are keepers (right after I drag these kiddos back inside from swimming)


There’s so much in there already with your name on it. I certainly didn’t feel guilty hogging anything you put in. I knew you were next and would make up for any of your stuff I took. :wink:


I was so worried that there wouldn’t be enough for you to pick from since you added your items up front, I’m glad to hear that there’s plenty! :slight_smile:


Yay but yes make the box lighter! I’m next did I say that! Omg can’t wait to see what you get.


There’s still plenty of variety from everyone who put stuff in. It looks like everyone has done a pretty good job not hogging all the stuff from one particular person. I did take about 5,000 of the items @Tungaro put it. But I swear she put in 47,856 things in there. So there’s still enough of her stuff to go around. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There actually isnt much left of my items- a few small things and 1 kit :wink: That makes me so excited, as you know it is nerve wrecking when you worry that your items wont be chosen by anyone. Every time someone posted their items I got so excited like, “awww they liked it!!!”.
You were so right about it feeling good to add and see people choose your stuff :slight_smile:It really makes me that much more excited to refill it!!!
Y’all have good taste, because there isn’t a single thing I disliked in here… I am going to have to really think about what to keep and what to let others pick from lol


There are a couple people that I want to keep everything they put in there (you included), but I would feel bad not sending any of their stuff to the next in line…
It would suck to get an entire box of my crap lol


From someone who has gotten “an entire box of your crap,” that is not true. It doesn’t suck, not even a little bit. It does whatever the opposite of sucking is. :slight_smile:


It blows? Haha haha kidding, I’m glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile: Everyone is critical of themselves, especially when wondering whether or not your taste is remotely similar to anyone else’s.
I think that is what gives this box so much character- the variety. It is so neat getting to know people through their likes and dislikes. I feel like I know each of you just a little bit more from seeing a peek into your stash :wink:


That is so true😍


The variety is awesome. So many different tastes going into that box, making it so hard to choose. Seriously…just send the box back to me before sending it to the next person. There’s more I want to take, and way more I want to add. For real, When is the next round?! I’m ready already. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel the same way- Once it leaves I will be staring at stuff I want to add that I didnt come across while it was here.
I feel like we could have a box at each persons house at the same time and keep sending them around and I would still find cute stuff to add!!
Plus I have shipments arriving every day still, so in 2 days I will get something and wish I had it before :wink:
For real, we should have like 4 boxes going at once… We could all have a box every other day to go through lol


That sounds like a great idea, but I think that 2 boxes is about all that I can handle! :smiley:


Will post pics shortly, I am down to deciding on kits… Katina added a heiffer to this box lol, considering keeping it just to cut down the weight :wink: After that I think (emphasis on THINK) I am done sorting my pile…


I’m from Texas. Like they say, everything is bigger here. I had to keep the stereotype going. :wink:
But I did balance it out…size wise, I didn’t take up any more space than what I took out. I added big things, medium things, and little teeny tiny things. :wink:


Here is my journey so far lol. A quick pic of my pile, I will post better pictures later :slight_smile:
Sending her back out in the morning- I need to finish packaging my items to add.
Plus I have a few packages that were neglected while I was hospitalized that I need to add “sorry for the delay” gifts to haha, so I can send them all at the same time (I cant drive get so I have to get someone to take me there)


Woo hoo!! Looks like you got a good haul too!! This is so exciting!! :blush:


I just love everything about this! It is so much fun. I am ready to go again!


WOW! What awesome haul!