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What is this doing on Bountiful Baby Talk?
This is a controversial topic & does not belong here…it has nothing to do with reborning.

My son passed away on April 22, 2007.
I would do anything in the world to get him back so I cant blame the parents for being willing to do anything to get their daughter back.
It doesnt matter who is quilty if there is even just a tiny sliver of hope Id do it.

Scrummy likes to be a debater- I say dont fight for the fun of it.

I had forgotten about this story which I think most people do unless it is kept in the public eye. I do hope they find her and the truth comes out. I’m not sure who is to blame here but I would say alot of their story doesn’t make since. I would never have left my kids alone like that and I also heard that child care was available. Why didn’t they use it? Maybe this topic should be moved to the Off Topic.


I fowarded the message to everyone I know.
If it hadn’t been here. I never would have seen it.

— Begin quote from “AngieGal”

I also agree that this should be in the off topic section. With that said I also believe that anytime a child is missing it is important to get the information out. This DOES belong here and anywhere else it can be posted. Who know maybe someone will see it that has information. Keeping this and other childrens faces “out there” is possibly the only way to find them.

— End quote


I’m sorry you took this wrong & I should have been more clear in my post.
What I was trying to say is that it shouldn’t be posted in BB TALK, but on the off topics post. I did not say it should not be posted on Bountiful Baby…I was referring to where it was posted.
I was not trying to offend anyone & I’m sorry I did. I have very strong opinions on this subject but I keep them to myself because I know people feel just as strongly of their opinions & I don’t want to step on anyone elses toes or “pee in their cherrios”.

Sorry for the offense.


Thank you.