NEW KITS other than Realborns

Is there any news on any new kits coming to Bountiful Baby that are not Realborns? I LOVE the realborns but they are a bit pricey for me. Am I alone in this thought process or would anyone else like to see more new kits in the lower price range? I’m kind of tired of looking at those monkeys and prepainted kits, although I know they need to sell them to reduce inventory so I hope that happens quickly for them.

I don’t like that baby’s mouth at all. Besides I think she is a preorder and probably cost more than I can afford. I don’t care for open mouths unless it’s just a tiny bit open. Thank You for your reply so quickly.

Yea, Celeste has an odd mouth, but the chin is even more distorted. I don’t for her either.

It’s too bad because that baby is so cute otherwise. Her mouth and chin are not really what I like. Sometimes it seems like the sculptors are trying maybe a little too hard to make something unique that will attract buyers. I can certainly understand that. I love Cindy Musgrove babies, I just don’t like open mouths. Sorry. I am getting a little more selective lately, watching the money more closely, I suppose.