New Joanna Gomes Baby Hannah!

When I first saw her, it was love at first sight She’s a very cute doll. I didn’t preorder but I do want the kit one day.

Oh she is such a beauty!!!

Oh I love this one! I pre-ordered her today…she is very realistic looking I think and due out in January. I have never done one of Joanna’s babys.

Gosh, this one looks so real!

I don’t like pre-ordering, though. Will wait and see what others do with it, first.


I really love this one too, but I wanted to see her limbs before I pre-ordered her. I think I"ll wait for the prototypes before I decide

I know I usually don’t like to pre-order either until I have seen the
whole doll, but this one is only limited to #250. I also wanted “Gertie”, she
is also a sweetie, but ya have to limit somewhere, on what to buy!