New here need some advice

Hi I was wondering since I am new here what would the best reborn to start with one that would not be too hard. Thanks!

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Start with a kit on sale, closed eyes.

I’d start with a sleeping kit that’s on sale, and not a realborn and not too big. I’d go with one that’s 20 inches at most.


On sale kit, closed eyes. And look at the customer reviews. They are a pretty good indication of the difficulty level of each kit. If most of the customer review photos look bad, it’s probably a hard kit for the average person. If most of the customer photos look good, consider it a good kit to start with.


Thanks that’s really helpful.


Your going to love it here! This is the most amazing group of talented artists who I’ve found love sharing their passion for reborning.

I started with Shyann, but I’d recommend Skya she’s beautiful and easy to bring to life (and currently on sale)

What paints have you decided to use?

I started with cheap air dry but learned through the boards here pretty quick that they may not withstand the test of time. Which isn’t a good idea if you are planning on selling your finished babies. I then bought a primary kit of quality air dry paints and got quickly frustrated with my paint mixing skills.

I ended up finding a used sharper image oven at Salvation Army for $40 and started using the genesis heat set paints sold through bountiful baby and love them.

When purchasing my kits I found it easiest to get everything at once to save on shipping. Kit, body, eyes, glass beads etc

I like using the string bodies so I can assemble and reassemble my baby to see how it’s looking (and get in a quick cuddle lol)

Good luck, be sure to share your progress! We’d love to watch you grow as an artist.



Welcome to the forum!! My first BB kit that I did was Teagan who is a 16 inch preemie with closed eyes. After 10 years she is still one of my favorite kits.

My first is retired and no longer made but I would recommend Meg from bb. She was my third or fourth and was a very sweet baby when finished. She sold quickly for me.


A little tip if I may----don’t try to start with a tiny baby, they are much harder to paint. I would go for a closed eyed baby between 18 - 20 inches. Good Luck.


I’d choose a 18-20 inch closed eyed baby that you really like. If you want to use air dry make sure you don’t use craft acrylics. Those won’t hold up long term. There are good professional quality acrylic paints that are suitable for reborning-Liquitex and Golden are two that you can just buy in a craft store or online. I’ve always used air dry paints and am currently using Liquitex and LDC. I like them both and they’re less expensive than ones that are ‘specially formulated’ for reborning. With air dry paints you never have to worry about melting a kit, there’s no flashing, no oven, no fumes, no baking and no cooling before you apply the next layer. I start with the head and by the time I’m done with the last limb the head is ready for the next layer.

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Jean, you get your Liquitex soft body paint at Michaels right? I have checked the Michaels close to me and the one in the next town and neither one of them carries the ‘soft body’ paint. They have the hard body in the tube and the Gouche in the jars, Oh and the inks. Where can I find the soft body ones??? @jeanhai

I know you didn’t ask me but I’ve found liquidtex soft body at hobby lobby close to me, maybe check there if you have one?

I was there yesterday and they didn’t have it either. I did see ONE little bottle of red in the soft body but that was all, they didn’t even have a ‘place’ for it on the shelves.

Hmm. Could you order online? Also if you have a JoAnns art store near you? I’ve also seen some at local art supply places.

I use the hard body, also. It’s just thicker, with stronger pigment, so you need more water. It works the same. On the Liquitex site it says they’ve changed the packaging. I think it only comes in bottles or jars now, instead of tubes, but they do have the soft body.

Welcome! I am new to painting reborns also. My first reborn was Lavender asleep. She is a hot mess. My sisters won’t let me strip her because they like her as she is. These artists on the forum are wonderful and they give good advice and constructive criticism to help you grow as an artist.

@Evee, the best thing you can do is ask for help when you feel like you need it. The second best thing you can do is ask for honest critique. People are always willing to give you a helping hand, we ALL started at the Beginning!! Lots of people ask for critique and then don’t take it well, remember all critique is to help you see things you can improve on and grow as a reborn artist. You will do great, this is definitely a ‘learning’ process, we are all still learning everyday!! Good luck on your journey going forward.