New Here...gray kit

Hello, I’m new here even tho I’ve been lurking for some time! I bought a peach Tabitha kit from BB and when I recieved it I noticed that it was gray. Is this the actual color for the peach? I’ve painted it twice and haven’t been happy with the way it looks. I’m getting ready to strip it again and put it back in the box. I’m thinking I’m going to find someone who wants it and try later to get a pink Tabitha. This is my first kit I’ve bought from BB even tho I get most of my supplies from them. (I really ought to buy stock in the company!!) I have already sold 4 dolls and the 5th is listed on e-bay right now. I have a long ways to go before I consider myself good but with all the good information I’ve gotten from this forum I get better with every doll. Thank you all for sharing your tips with those of us just new to this craft.

I actually prefer the pink, but yellow ochre will get rid of the gray. If you dont have that you can use a bit of the pre mixed warm blush color. Do thin washes.

I have several pink BB and 2 peach BB kits and while the peach look washed out or colorless mine aren’t gray. What kind of light are you using or do you have dark walls or curtains that might reflect a color or totally gray skies. That could make a difference. You might try going outside on a bright day and see if they look different. Of course if you are going to keep them in the same light, you want to find out how to make them look natural.

If you could take a picture of the pink and peach together, in the area where you paint, and post it that would help to see what the difficulty is.

All of my peach BB kits have always had a grayish tone to them, but the yellow takes that away.

I mix the regular yellow with the flesh 07 color to make it similar to the yellow ochre. The premixed warm blush works pretty well too.

you’re welcome! Yep. Just do really thin layers until you get the look you want . You can also do this step at the end to warm up the skin tone if it looks too gray.

Thank you all for your replies. I just stripped it again for the second time but will give your suggestions a try. You have all been so helpful

I did a couple of warm blush washes on Tabitha and it does look better…not so gray. Now do I just continue with my flesh colors? Miss Reborner your Tabitha is beautiful. If I can get mine to look even half as good as yours I’ll be happy!!