New earrings

I ordered these earring for Nova, and I switched out the backs to these really neat ones, it’s the regular butterfly type, but covered in soft rubber, so it keeps earrings on, but doesn’t poke or rub vinyl :blush:


May I ask what do you use to pierce the holes in vinyl?

I just push the earrings right into the ear.


Oh wow! Thank you!

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You welcome

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I do the same, lol. I have heard some heat a needle. I have never had any problems I even change them sometimes - no problem.


I use a metal awl, like what I use to use to open the nostrils with heat, I just do it when I’m done with the painting, and I warm the ears a bit to make it easier, but mostly it’s pretty easy, and I prefer to put backs on, I think some put earrings in head, but I like it to look realistic :blush::heart:

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