New Bidder to block and Need Info :(

Morning Everyone
I recently sold my baby on ebay and lady is giving me the run around.
1st she bid and didnt ask what shipping would be to Canada. Then I looked at her only one feedback and it says " Sellers be aware this ebayer does not pay or answer any of her emails"
I thought GREAT(not really).
She won the baby
I sent her invoice…No response So I decided to email her and ask what her intentions were with winning the auction and if she was going to pay? (I did in a nice way) this was her response ““where do u live can my friend pick her up or will u take a money order”” ( I LIVE IN OHIO SHE’S IN CANADA)
So I responded and told her I do not accept money orders and no her friend cant come get her. Duh…I didnt say that but was my mental thought… I asked if she had a pay pal account to pay with? Her response “”" dont have pay pal but i know someone tht does and i can see if she can get here and i will gave her the money wht does she come with"""
Well I guess heres the end of my story and where I need advice… I need to know how to report her as a non paying bidder? and will I still be charged for her listing???
OBTW her ebay ID is kristanash
Well thanks for reading my drama of the day
And would like any advice about how to go forward with this
Thank you

Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear this. Sadly it’s happening more and more lately.

Basically, the buyer has 7 days to pay. If they haven’t paid after 7 days, you can file a non paying bidder. EBay will send her a message reminding her that she has to pay. If she doesn’t pay, you can then finalise the NPB and eBay will reimburse you the final value fees and your insertion fees. If you allow her to cancel the transaction, she can still leave feedback for you, and that is not a good thing, as one of the ladies here discovered recently.

If she wants her friend to pay for the doll, you will need to send a PayPal invoice to her friends email address. Her friend can then pay the invoice.

Something to note on all transactions. EBay and PayPal will not offer you any protection if you send an item to any other address than the one held by them. So if the friend pays, you have to send it to the friend’s address, otherwise you are not covered by PayPal insurance. But if you send it to her friend’s address she could claim that the baby hasn’t arrived, and eBay will definitely take her side because you won’t have proof of her receiving the baby.

I hope this answers all your questions. Good luck with it, I know what a pain these people are.

You can set your listing to automatically block bidders without a PayPal account. This may protect you in the future.

Probably not going to help you much with the situation at hand, but why do people bid first before thinking through, “how will I pay if I win?” If they do not have paypal, they must have a plan in place, usually you expect people bid on an item they want. I would contact the seller before I bid if I did not have paypal and see what the outcome would be in case I won, that is just my way of doing things.
I have 100% feedback as a buyer and I always pay the second I know I have won an auction. I never bid unless I have the money at hand before the auction even ends. I hate that buyers continue to ruin it for everyone else. There are honest buyers out here, I am one of them. I do not have a car, it is very cold out where I live, and I shop online for Christmas.

Thanks Ladies for the advice and support
I dont understand why ebay allows this to happen? crazy
Also why someone would take the time to sign up for ebay just to do this kind of crap?
??? If we were to mutual agree no to go through with transaction can she still leave feedback???

Angie, if you agree to a mutual cancellation she CAN leave feedback. If you file a non-pay then she cannot. A mutual cancellation also does nothing to the bidder but the non-pay will be a strike against her and this is important.