New Berenguer I'm painting

I’ve decided to try to paint hair onto the Berenguer I’ve started and I hope with practice practice practice I get better
I thought this would be a good place to update the progress on “Levi”
I’m looking at his limbs and believe I should even it out a little bit better…
today I’m working on the hair and brows.
I find if I do a litle at a time, I’m not rushing and baby gets the best focus
I want to order a bunch of German 42’s to lightly root over the painted on hair and I’m thinking dark blue eyes… I’m kinda excited! dorky huh?
Well just wanted to share have a great week ladies!

— Begin quote from “DELETED”

It’s looking really good!
Which Berenguer sculpt is it?

— End quote

I wish I knew LOL…I bought it off of Dolls by Sandie and all I know is that it’s the open eyed discontinued Berenguer. Isn’t that just a cute face