New baby,WHAT! not painted hair! first rooted baby for ages

OH I didn’t realise the forum was back!

I normally do painted hair babies but I thought I would root one for a change. I hope you like her. Now listed on ebay.


fantasic job…I love her rooted hair and everything else about her!

Great Job! I was just looking at her auction earlier this morning. She is amazing!!

Your rooting is amazing! Beautiful baby!

Thank you so much everyone, so nice to hear from you, it helps me get to know you.


she is beautiful great job

I just looked at your auction yesterday! love your Taylor!


Wow what an amazing job!!! I hope to be that good some day. Do you mind sharing where you found your mohair? Absolutely stunning work!!

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments:)

I mostly use slumberland, Susan nagel or FBN mohair, when I do root.

These are some of my painted hair babies for the lady that asked to some. I was asked to do an article about painted hair


Wow! All of your babies are just breathtaking!


Your baby is to die for. I love the hair.

OMG she is amazing!!! so beautiful and very real!!!