New baby on eBay

I have been working on getting this little one listed for awhile. With the birth of the new grandbaby I have been busy.
Here is my little preemie Berenguer. If I didn’t have a new real baby to play with I would be keeping her. Here is a few pictures and her link.

I had an error in my listing so I had to cancel it and start over. Here is the new link. … :MESELX:IT

thanks for looking

Awww! She’s the best one I have seen. BOL with her auction!

All the best with your auction, hope her new mommy finds her!
Heavenly Dreams Nursery

Good luck on your auction she is really wonderful. I love the side by side comparison picture. (Why is she so much larger than the berenguer shown).

omg she is beautiful. i wish mine came out that good!!!
i am sure she will sell for lots !!! that is the best one i have seen!!!

Thank you all so much.
Joan, she is on a bigger body with a neck piece. It makes these babies appear about 4 inches bigger even though in length they are only 2 inches bigger. Also the back lays flat instead of being raised up like the all vinyl.


She’s so cute. I love her mottling.

She is adorable… And you have a bid! Congratulations!

She’s very realistic! I love her! Best of luck on her auction!

Terry, I was wondering what body you used for her, She is such a realistic looking baby. great work as always. I just love your babies.

     Hugs Tina

OH MY GOSH, you got a wonder amount for her. Her new mommy must think she is as adorable as we do.

Thank you all so much for your support. She is heading to Japan. My first sale to Japan so I am kind of nervous about it.
Tina, her body is from Spearson’s Doll Bodies.

hugs Terrie