*New Auction*

Just put an auction up on ebay! =]

http://cgi.ebay.com/CUSTOM-REBORN-BABY- … 3efa8fd22a

If that doesn’t get you some buyers, I don’t know what will. You do gorgeous work!! Each and every one of them are beautiful and so life-like.

wow, that is a really sweet comment. thank you so much! =]

cool!! your babies are all beautiful! But the links aren’t clickable and for some reason I can’t copy & past them either

thank you so much!
hmm…i dont know why it’s not working for you…?
you can go to ebay and type in: ~CUSTOM REBORN BABY~YOU CHOOSE EVERYTHING!~

oh, no I can see the auction, I meant the links to see the kits (that are in your auction)…

oh, i will try to fix that tomorrow. thanks for letting me know!

Good Luck with your auction. You do make very nice babies. I hope the price get’s up to where it should be. From what I have read doing custom’s for someone can be a real pain in the butt!!! Brave girl you are

Thank y’all so much!
The boy under Arianna is “Nita” by Romie Strydom.
YES they can be very stressful, but this is how I make money.
I do love it but sometimes customers can be a pain, but I will tell you I am always super nice to them no matter what…I just grit my teeth and give a nice big smile lol.
I have had one of the nicest customers. She sent me more money than I asked for the auction b/c she thought her doll was worth more…how sweet is that?? =) she also sent me a card, necklace, gum, and $15 Starbucks card! She was so sweet. She has the “Brooklynn” doll I did.

Give me her name Geez I need to meet people like that

LOL normajean

I forgot to say “Nita” (Devan) is the doll I made for my mom’s birthday in October. We took him to a doll how in Memphis right after I finished him and I had alot of people come up to me and say “aweee…so cute…wait…is that a real baby!?” LOL They thought I had brought my real baby with me.

If I already have bids and watchers, can I revise m auction without messing it up?
Are the links still not working?

I don’t know for sure, but I think you can still edit the listing, just not the price. Maybe if you took the numbers out (1.2.3.)?? I’m guessing because it’s a template you can’t copy and paste?

Thanks! =]

There is an order form on my site for anyone that would like a custom. You are able to put around what date/month you’d like the baby in the “Aditional Info.” box.
I might have to have a short waiting list soon, I have had orders up to my eyeballs come in for Christmas babies. lol
I am able to take on about 4 customs at a time.