New Andrea Arcello doll


Did anyone see her new doll due to come out early next year? You bet I jumped on that like a fly on a meat wagon. She offers a 6 month layaway which is good for gals like me that juggle several at a time. She looks like a OOAK.


She’s adorable - i wish she was bigger, she’d make a gorgeous toddler


I wonder if that picture is of the original clay sculpt? If so would like to see the actual vinyl doll before purchasing. Sometimes they lose alot in the process. But she is darling, such a cute expression! I think Andrea makes some of the most realistic sculpts around. Also great that she is making one for those who cannot afford the expensive silicones. I think she is goiong to be at the doll show in SC at the end of October, maybe she will have one of these with her. If so I will take a picture and post. Nancy