New Adorable Realborn® Michael Prototype on eBay!


A new Realborn® Michael prototype is available on eBay! The talented artist who reborned him is Alexa Calvo. Alexa’s Michael is absolutely stunning! He is so real looking, he will take your breath away. You can view adorable Michael’s eBay auction here:

Michael’s auction is also featured on our homepage at:

Be on the lookout for Michael’s release! We are expecting him within the next month. You can sign up to be notified of his release here: Real baby Michael weighed an adorable 6 lb 10 oz at birth. You can see more of the precious real baby here:

Bountiful Baby


Eeeek! I am getting so excited for his release! He is my new favorite! :heart: (so far :wink: )


Omg, absolutely gorgeous!! I want!!! Praying I get lucky to get one to!! I usually miss out because of my time zone! But I’m keeping a close look out!

BB you just keep out doing yourself with beautiful kits! Thank you

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He is absolutely adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: so excited to see what everyone does with him

Super cute! Can’t wait to buy his kit :blush::heart_eyes:

He has such an adorable face.

I love him and her version!! I can’t wait for him and Christopher. They are 2 of the most beautiful realborns.