New Addition


Someone dropped off this little sweetheart last week. We live just outside city limits and so people think it is the perfect spot to take any animal they no longer want. If I found out who dumped her I would give them a piece of my mind that is for sure :rage:

We tried to get her into a no kill rescue but they were not accepting cats. The one rescue had over 200 as it was. It was a good thing they were not taking kitties - when I drove her out there Tuesday I couldn’t stop sobbing. She wasn’t even my cat. Lol! And I had only known her about three days. (She came last weekend and the no kill rescue was closed on Monday). How someone could dump off their pet is beyond me.

She was absolutely ravenous when she arrived and she still seems beyond surprised that she has constant access to food (she doesn’t overeat now mind you but she does like to graze).

But enough of that. Meet- Taffeta Avonlea. She is about 8 months old. Negative for FIV and leukemia and scheduled for her spay on the 13th.


God bless for taking her.


She’s really beautiful, love her markings and those green eyes. Glad you were able to give her a good home! We have a feral cat that we feed on our porch every day and he has become our “porch kitty”. We can’t let him in because of our bird and now our tiny puppy, but he was also surprised when meals started appearing for him. The poor old guy was skin and bones and now is very healthy. He has an insulated house for winter and bedding to keep him cozy too. Strays seem so appreciative when someone gives them a bit of love!


We live in the country and get all the dropped off unwanted pets too. We got a kitten last year, dumped with a collar on. She was wild. By the time we got her to trust us, the collar was choking her so tight she could barely breathe. If you’re going to dump a baby animal, at least have the decency to take the collar off first so they at least have a chance to survive as they grow. :rage:


Taffeta is so lucky she was dumped at your house, she is a pretty girl and will probably be the best kitty ever to you for saving her. :hugs:


Thank you for keeping her. Cats are not that much trouble. We used to get one a year dumped on us because we lived by the fire station. My very last cat dumped on me 14 years ago is getting old so not many more years with a cat around. My husband is really allergic to them and they love him. I promised him no more cats. Sorry but you have to see him on his bad cat days to understand.


Her eyes are beautiful and she looks healthy!


We just bought our house so I can now foster orphan kittens! I have these 6 and one newborn. We also have a no kill shelter in our town, but there are a lot more orphan babies than usual.


Your new cat is sweet!


Thank you guys so much! And it is so lovely to see so many cat lovers! People view them as so disposable - it makes me sad. :frowning: After we lost our cat and dog in 2014 (both were 14+ years and passed away do to unavoidable health complications) we had decided not to get anymore pets because it was so awful losing them both so close together. But when she came and there was no where else for her to go - we had to take her because the thought of such a sweet, calm, obedient cat being euthanized just because there were already too many cats was just too much to think about.

I have spent so much money on cat toys and products that it is not even funny lol! Not to mention the fact I have to re-screen our screened in porch with pet proof screen (cause that is her favorite place to hang out). No dolly dollars for me for a LONG time :joy: She is such a special baby though - it is well worth it.

@Hippurated that is so amazing that you foster kittens!!! You go! I follow several kitten foster accounts on Instagram! I mentioned to my Mom about fostering about a week before Taffeta arrived. But after the sobbing that occurred when I drove her out to the rescue that one day I’m not so sure I am cut out for it…


Good for you, taking her in! She’s lucky to have you
I foster cats, and I cry when they leave lol Every single time. But it’s worth it knowing that they’re going to a good home


She’s a beautiful kitty, bless you for keeping her!! She will always love you, beautiful eyes!!


She is so beautiful and you have such a kind heart!!


Beautiful . Lucky little kitten .

We have two . I may have to look into it how we can do foster care . I may be able to foster 1 or 2


This is fate at it’s best. :hugs::hugs::hugs:


She is lovely and very lucky :slight_smile:
I used to live in position like that; acreage just outside of small town, end of no through road, and we used to get cats regularly. The females were mostly pregnant; one arrived at night (I could hear the car about 1am) and I found her on the front seat of my car with 4 very new kittens and mess all over the leather seat, as well as scratch marks.

Make sure you take her straight to the vet to check up and vaccinate.


She’s beautiful, so glad she found you, reminds me of my Mittens who my aide found in our backyard nearly starved to death. I already had 5 cats (can’t tell you how hard it is keeping hair away from my reborns) so he earned the nickname “extra cat” :wink:


Have her checked for FIV. The four strays we took in over the last five years all had it and passed away at a young age. It’s been very heartbreaking for our daughter. They recommend putting them to sleep if they are positive but we couldn’t do it. It’s very prevalent in our county. So we adopted two cats from a shelter across the river that tests for it last year. Had them vaccinated which was good since my daughter found another stray (and lost it). We gave them a good but short life.


Awww. She is a cute kitty baby. I am not a cat person, but I love all animals. I, too, cannot understand how someone can just put an animal out and drive off and leave them. That poor animal thinks they will be coming back to get them. So, they wait and wait and wait. I got a precious Rat Terrier that was on the side of the Interstate. A lady noticed her out there for a few days on her way to work and back. The furbaby had a bag and she would pull it over herself for protection from the elements. Not much protection but it was the best she could do. They called the police and my son who was a deputy, had them take it to his house. They had it a while. I told them that if they ever wanted to get rid of her to let me take her. So, they did. :slight_smile: Oh well. I just can’t seem to make a short reply! Things remind me of other things along the same lines. I am happy that you have taken this baby in to love.


This is also a beautiful cat. Not starving anymore!