Do you have any input as to what Lisa’s black spots on her kits could be? You have probably seen/heard it all! It would be a shame for her to not be able to save all these kits! At least maybe there is a lesson here that would help a lot of others if we can figure out the cause! Thanks in advance for any professional input!

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What has my interest is that it is not just the BB kits, but also DD kits and I believe an Adrie kit.


— Begin quote from “noniesgirl”

What has my interest is that it is not just the BB kits, but also DD kits and I believe an Adrie kit.

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That is the part that is strange. It has to be the storage method or where they are stored. I can’t imagine that all these different kits arrived with the same black spots on them. Makes me want to take my kits out of their bins and let them breathe every now and then.


I used to have them in a closet upstairs, but that got a little crowded, so I put them in the basement. They are in a bin with a lid, but maybe I should move them back upstairs.


Maybe I have been safe with mine in the ziplock bags and plastic totes because I live in Idaho… not a whole lot of humidity here.


Yea, they are probably mildew spots. That’s what happens to clothes when you leave them in the washing machine and then forget to dry them.


Like I said somewhere else…I too wonder if it is mold/mildew…I had an Effanbee stored in the basement…not in plastic bags, but in a Rubbermaid tub…she was not covered at all…was in there with other dolls…when I took her out she had those black spots all over her face…I washed her…let her sit and the spots all went away. I’m not saying it isn’t a manufacturing boo boo…but if the kits are from different companies…hmmmm, wonder what’s wrong? I sure hope she can solve this problem. Kits are too expensive to just throw away.



When I receive my kits I wash them and put them out on a shelf till I’m ready to work on them. I live where there is hardly any humidity. I have had 2 BB kits that have had tiny black spots appear on the limbs and nothing I do will remove them. They aren’t very noticeable but they are there. So, I’m not sure its a humidity/mold problem.



Lisa if it is mold, you might want to try wiping the area with bleach. I live near a marsh and I do get some mold on my windows due to condensation. I want told to remove the mold with bleach. I am sorry you are having this problem. I keep my kits in the basement and I haven’t seen any mold spots, yet. Let us know if you get a remedy.



I was just thinking, you said something about just checking the heads/faces to make sure they were the right ones. Well looking at the spots the black marks appeared it looks like areas you would hold or pick up the heads. The Honey/sugar head looks especially like fingers on the side of the head near the ear. So that got me to thinking maybe you had a lotion or sunscreen or something similar on your hands when you checked them and that reacted to the vinyl, just a thought. Hope the new paints will cover it whatever it is.


Please keep us posted on your progress. I hope you can get it all sorted out. Good luck!