Never mind...TY!


I am ATTEMPTING my first AA baby and everything has gone rather smooth EXCEPT the lips…I have already striped them TWICE and not even sure what I think of this thrid set of lips!!! I just cant seem to grasp the look I was going for…

HONEST opinions and ADVICE greatly appreciated…not looking for flattery here, if they look terrible just flat out say it! ( I promise not to be offended!!! )

Oh, sorry for the shine, no matte yet…one pic taken indoors, one outdoors…


The top lip looks darn near perfect. ON the bottom one, the inside needs to be a little lighter, like the top lip. Look at Libbie’s lips. Not the best picture. I just snapped a quick indoor one.


check out gogirlusa babies they are so good.

I personally wouldnt know where to begin on an AA baby.


Ive done a few AA. And to tell you the truth they come in all colors. Lips can vary from pink to chocolate color. So just do them how you like them.


Thanks ladies!

Gina should I strip some of the paint on the inside of the bottom lip or just put some lighter over it??


PM’d you


I love that complexion…very pretty…I agree with Gina, and I would take a pointy q-tip and dip the tip in your paint remover and then dab off most of it on a paper towel…then gently roll on the inside of the bottom lip…that should take off just a tiny bit, without taking too much off…but don’t rub too hard or it will take it down to the vinyl…lmao…I learned this the hard way…lol


Thanks for all your help ladies, this baby and her lips are going in a box until I am less frustrated!!!