Neutralizing advice

I just got my Azalea yesterday and I am used to doing only BB sculpts that are alot lighter in color. This kit is more “orange” in color, im assuming it needs to be neutralized? Blue wash? Any help will be soooo appriciated, I LOVE this scuplt so much and I’d hate to mess her up :weary:

I’d just start painting her, to be honest. I never neutralize kits, not even the pinky or orange ones. If she needs an adjustment then you can do it at the end.


Thank you so much for the help :heart: I cant wait to start working on her :smile:

Yes, a blue wash very thin until your satisfied.

Thank you :+1::blush:

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Your welcome :blush:

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Laura Lee kits don’t need to be neutralized. They are good quality and take the paint really well . I always start with two layers of flash tone then veins

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If you need to, you can do any color correcting further along.

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