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Hello dolly friends!

My name is Kate and this is my first doll forum post!

I have a question regarding neutralising doll kits as I often paint kits that are pale to begin with and don’t need to be neutralised - Bountiful Baby sculpts etc.

May someone give me some advice on which kits to neutralise and how I should neutralise them please?

Right now I have a couple of kits that look as though they have an orange tint to them and I don’t know if they need to be neutralised or if they will be alright.

I have included a photo of the sculpt that I’m about to start working on that I took in natural daylight so that you can decipher whether it has an orange tint to it or if it doesn’t (Emalyn by Melody Hess).

Thank you in advance dolly friends!

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Hi, welcome !
Personally I don’t really neutralize as I do the primary method. For neutralize you have to found the opposite color on a color wheel and do one or several washes. For orange/yellow you will use blue/purple. Some people add white but it can turn chalky.
Hope that help !



Could you explain to me briefly what you mean by primary method? I’ve not heard of that before :open_mouth:

Thank you for your response :smile:

It’s using just the primary colors alternate between red, blue and yellow until you reach the skin tone you want.
I use mixed colors for my creases, blush and mottling so I am not 100% into the primary method !

If I were painting this kit, I would not neutralize it. I would just start painting in my normal method and go from there. If it looks a little too orangey, I do a VERY thin blue wash to tone it down but I dont think you will have that problem with that kit.

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Thank you very much for your advice!

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For the darker (orange or yellow) kits I always start with a blue wash and for the white kits, like BB kits, I start with a red wash.

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Thank you for this advice, what would you suggest with this kit? Does it look orange to you? It is not a Bountiful Baby kit and I’ve compared the two kits (BB vs this kit) and it does appear to be a different colour but I don’t know if it’s too dark and requires neutralising or if it will be alright. Someone has already suggested leaving it and going ahead without neutralising it because it will be fine.

Thanks again :smile:

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Id do a thin blue wash on that one as well to start out :wink:

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