Needle questions


I am very new to reborning. I just finished my second baby,(Luv it) and I am not happy with my hair rooting !!! I cant seem to get just one or two hairs at a time. I have been ordering them from BB. The only ones I have seen have 6 barbs, therfore I thought that was all you could by. Well I was just now reading the message board and I saw that someone had offered to mail a needle to someone that had ran out. She said that she had a 42 gauge 1 barb !!! So my question is… where can I buy a sigle barb needle? !!! please help. Thanks Pat


You can get single barbed needles at BB If you go to supplies and look for needles, they offer a variety of cut and uncut needles. … lse&c=1711


She answered it on BB. hit supplies.then tools then needles.


Do you use the 1 barb needle? I just cant seem to get just 1 or 2 hairs with the 6 barb !!!


Have you tried these forked needle’s … e&c=711711 , theres no barbs on the sides, only one on the tip, so pretty impossable to catch anymore than 1-2 hairs at a time.


I just switched from the six barb to the three barb, also went down in guage from a 38g to a 42g. I seem to only get one or two hairs with it. I still root from the middle so it looks like two hairs sometimes but other times the hair either breaks in half or goes in far enough that it looks like one hair. I use the six barb still when I want the hair a little thicker or I hit a rough spot and just pull out some of the extra hairs. With a one barb, I’d never get any hair in the head since I still get empty holes with a 3 barb


I get all dizzy when purchasing needles; one barb, two barb, three barbs, four! Forked, not forked. Because I require so much guidance and hand holding, I have been purchasing my needles from Hunny Buns Dolls and Reborn Supplies. Check out this package which offers a variety of rooting needles:
You will get 3 each of these TEN different rooting needles:
38 Crown
40 Crown
38g with 1 Barb
38g with 6 Barbs
40g with 6 Barbs
42g with 6 Barbs
42g Ultra Fine (3 barb)
43g UltraFine (1 barb)
42g German Forked
43g German Forked

They are uncut, but that is my preference now. I don’t use a rooting tool anymore, I just hold the needle. But, if you use the cut needles, you will need the tool to cut them; those needles must be made out of the strongest stuff know to man! Before I purchased the tool, I thought that my He-Man husband and a strong wire cutter was all I needed. Nope. I injured the pride on one, and rendered the other useless.


Thank you all so very much for your input. I think I will try to order the pack with all the different sizes, barbs, etc etc. I cnt tell you how much i appreciate all af the responses, and all I have learned just from reading this message board every day and following questions and answers from every one. THANK You !!! Pat