Needle needed-FOUND thank you

I have an order for two babies with lots of hair…my problem is that my needle only roots one hair at a time…does anyone have needles that root ALOT of hair?? this is gonna take me 100 years, if I keep going like this…someone told me that there is a needle that roots like 6 hairs at a time…wow, that would be awesome

if you have a few that you can spare, I can paypal immediately…I need them, like yesterday…lol thanks

Hey Tex…I have some 38 barbed…you can have some if you want them.
I use the forked ones now.

hey girlfriend…do they root alot of hair at a time?? pm’ing you

I can send you a star needle if you want one. Let me know.

Your siggy has a lot of hair. What needle did you use for her?

lmao…the 42 guage that roots one hair at a time…and it took forever…lol and you really can’t see that there is only one hair rooted at a time, cause it’s so thick…so, that’s why I thought that I could root more and take less time…lol

Haha! That’s too funny. Yeah, I guess I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t want to do that again either.

I’ll send some out in the morning

thank you elikless and mamacat…y’all are the best!!