Needing Mohair...soon..Found some TY


Hey Ya’ll I’d like to buy some nice mohair. I’m determined to begin rooting even if it’s just combo hair. Why I am so afraid to ruin a doll is beyond me but it’s a new year. Anyway, suggestions on good quality hair that is nice but I can’t break the bank esp if I just don’t get the rooting…TY!!! PS I’m mailing looking for med-dark brown and black. Maybe strawberry blonde?


@Rainbowbabies has the bestest hair ever lol If you’ll be doing combo hair then I would recommend just getting 1/4 oz from her which is cheap and amazing. I rooted this baby pretty thick with 1/4 oz of her kid mohair and I still have enough left for another small head.


I use Ruby Red curve, which you can get on here. It is sold by the 1/4 oz. for about $15. It is not the best, but I think that it is plenty good to learn with. Here are a couple of my dolls that I used Ruby Red on:

It isn’t very fine, so it is easy to see where each hair is. The downside is that it can sometimes be pluggy and need to be thinned which may cause an area to need a touch up. I also experience significant waste, maybe 10%. I don’t know how much of that is the hair or how much of that is me :woman_shrugging:



A Plus Mohair and Silk Effex, both on FB. Excellent hair.


Angora mohtique


I get a little more than two babies out of a 1/4 oz, btw. Forgot to mention that


Thanks everyone!! :hugs:


@Rainbowbabies is my favorite. And you aren’t really saving money if you buy ruby red. A lot of ruby red goes to waste. The cost isn’t much less. It’s harder to root. And it tends to look dry and frizzy. Good quality mohair creates very little waste. It roots easily. It doesn’t break. And it looks like really baby hair. Spend $5 more to get the good stuff. It’s worth it. :wink:
Here’s the link to rainbow babies Golden Fleece boutique:


Katinafleming .I want to buy but they appear sold out


You can message her on her facebook page and she can custom dye something for you. Or contact her here @Rainbowbabies


Oh, thank you very much


She has a few colors in stock. What color are you looking for @Dami?


black or dark brown and make it a little straight


Yep. She is out of those colors. Maybe she can dye you some. :blush:


thank you I will send message😘


Golden Fleece Boutique- Hair is amazingly soft and perfect- and the owner is SOOO kind


She just made me an amazing green color for an alternative baby and not only is she such a kind person she has amazing quality hair- great price- Golden Fleece boutique


Please don’t use ruby red. Ever.


Hey @nikkiroc my Alternatives resent that, they love Ruby Red! :expressionless::wink::slightly_smiling_face: