Needed...someone who wants to do a custom for an AA Audrey

Hi, I have had someone contact me wanting an AA Audrey, and I am to new to AA babies to attempt this, so I thought I would put it on here.

She would like the AA Audrey for $400.00, shipped I think, and would want a lay-a-way I think…will find out.

oops, didnt mean to post this here.

pm’d ya

I do custom AA babies, but don’t have any space open until after Christmas.

Gina does beautiful AA babies! Well worth the wait to get on her list!!

I do custom babies and custom AA babies. She can see some of my work on my website at
I am working on a custom Ariella right now and then I have a spot open.

thanks for all your replies ladies

I will forward all your pictures/websites to this person

Lisa, your AA baby came out beautiful, You could do a custom AA baby with no problem. Go for it what do you have to loose