Need someone to root Tilda


I am looking for someone who can root Tilda using my sons hair.


If you don’t hear from anyone here, there’s a lady on eBay that offers rooting services but it’s $300. Her work looks good but that’s on the high end.


I believe @nikkiroc and @katieperry offer rooting services.


Thank you!


I was thinking what’s happen to @nikkiroc. I don’t see her be active here. I miss her and her witty sense of humor!


I was wondering myself to . Messaged her a few days ago and she didn’t get back to me . I don’t keep messaging as I don’t want to bother her but I hope she is ok .


Hi guys!!! I’ll try to be more active! @andik I wrote you back just now!
Thanks lesser! :kiss: @jlesser


@nikkiroc, take care !!