Need some help

On Sunday I posted some pictures of my newest babies on Instagram. A lady contacted me and I told her that I sell on Etsy. So she bought the doll from there. She said it was her first purchase on Etsy and how nervous she was. She wanted more pictures of the hair so I took more and sent them to her. I had just put her together and took pictures, and then I put her in the a box. Mailed her out on Monday and then on Wednesday got an message on Instagram how disappointed she was. And said she didn’t like her creases and she had a smell. Oh and also blue marks on her body. I told her the smell could be from the glue or new outfit. She asked if I used those wafers in there because she couldn’t cuddle her. I don’t use those because they give me headaches.
So I told her that if said doll was sent out by today then once I received her I would refund. Even though I 100% stand behind my work.
I have never had an issue since 2005. So today she messages me on Instagram and said she is opening a case with PayPal. Which is fine we can let them decide if I take her back or not. I am so afraid their will be damage. The reason I put a deadline on her was so she doesn’t sit at someone’s house. She could smoke, have bugs, or just smell. I am pretty sure she doesn’t want to pay the postage back. This customer has a you tube video and one of the dolls she bought had those wafers and how much she loved them. Also she had video on an Etsy opening of some purchases she bought a year ago. I am thinking it is buyers remorse.

So do I fight her on PayPal since my policy is that I take no returns? Or do I take the return and I will lose out on the fees for Etsy and plus postage since I combine that in the purchase price?


In my opinion, you offered her a refund on your terms, which is going against your policy to begin with, and that was more than fair. Since she has decided not to accept that offer, I would not offer it again. You have photographic evidence supporting the fact that the doll was sent in the condition described. Odor is subjective, you can’t describe what does not smell “off” to you, but may to another person because you can’t read minds. If the doll was damaged in transit and the customer did not request additional insurance, then that is a gamble that she took. I would inform her that you are happy to let PayPal mediate, but once the claim is filed, all direct contact between you stops.

I put full insurance on all my dolls and also a signature. But she said something about blue marks and sending me pictures which I have avoided since she could just damage the doll. The way she was wrapped it wasn’t even possible, I just have a feeling that she will bash me on Instagram. I just needed some reassurance that I am doing the right thing. I feel like I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

Are the blue marks veins?

It sounds like she wants the doll and a refund. Your offer was more than fair. If she files with Paypal, I cannot see Paypal deciding in her favor.

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No the blue marks weren’t veins. I do shading but she said they were on the body itself. Which is impossible because I put her together and took pictures then shipped. I have pictures of the body. She was in a pink onesie and pants. Plus she was wrapped in a receiving blanket and large bubble wrap. Once I mentioned she was welcome to file a claim she said it could have happened during shipping. I do cover 100% with insurance. But she keeps changing her story. I am just going to see how this plays out. She can leave bad feedback on Etsy but I guess I am ok with it. It is just so frustrating. I really have no problem taking a return and I still have her money in my account. Now it’s the principal of the thing. She bashed me up and down to begin with. I just don’t have the time or energy.

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