Need some help with creasing

I’m working on creasing my sleeping 3 month Joseph. I cannot get these creases to look decent. He’s my second reborn. I didn’t really crease much on my first that I did. But I really want to showcase the creases on Joseph. So what I did was mix up a dark deep rosey color with thinning medium, I put that in the crease with a fine paint brush, let it sit for a few minutes and then used a dry brush to pounce on it to take away the line. Then I used a really fluffy brush to pounce on that to kind of blend it a little bit more. Does this look ok? What can I do to make it look better? Is there something different I should be doing? Thank you for any help :slight_smile:

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I think it looks good :blush: I usually crease at least twice to deepen the lines.

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I think they look good. They’re not supposed to look like cuts, just a little shaded.

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I guess they just look messy to me :frowning: the little ones on the feet that aren’t very deep look like cuts to me. Do you guys shade those too?

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I usually do.

Your flesh color still looks pretty light. Maybe do a few more flesh layers over top and that will help it blend…

I think they look good. And…I don’t do each little wrinkle on the feet.

If I do it’s not very bright or dark.

I crease with each mottling color as I go. That way when you ready to do your final creasing you already halfway there. With that said, I would darken his deep creases as he is a chubby fella.

I have to share!! I think I’m almost done! What do you guys think?!