Need shine!


I am working on an alternative that I really want a pretty shiny finish on. Like as shiny as porcelain dishes. I am using Genesis, I also want to be completely worry free if I sel it that it will not flake or chip over time. I would like it as dependable as the varnish we would use on our newborn babies! Thank you for any help you can provide.


Genesis glazing gel. You’d use it just like you would matte or satin, just a little more sparingly cause it really does shine.


Thank you so very much, I need to order some, that sounds perfect, and dependable! :grin:


I looked through my bin of pains and I have a brand new never been used jar of glazing gel! Thank you again for your help


Yes great idea. This is what I use for the wet tongue look.


Before I started using powders for lip color I would put glazing gel in the lip paint. Once I over did it with the glaze and poor baby looked like she was ready for glamour shots lol.


Well then it does sound like it has the shine I need. You made a Glam baby, for that Diva mamma :rofl:


I am dying of curiosity now.


Me too! Lol


I am waiting for Ashley to ship a doll I bought from her. I have Holly already but I just wanted to compare the two in person and decide which baby is the best candidate for my alternative.

I am going to attempt a porcelain chintz kind of look. Similar to the old blue and white dishes. I have been playing around with a test limb