Need prayers or positive thoughts please


Thank you so much !! She is still the same … which I think is good …
please keep praying


Sending love to you and praying


Continuing to pray for your Mother in law and family, God Bless!!!


Update: thank you so much for your prayers … she is a little better today … doctors said she didn’t have a stroke … she was just too dehydrated and had some metabolic problems because of the diarrhea cause by the chemotherapy …
We called her and they put the phone on her ears … she tried to talk back but still Couldn’t
A really hard thing to do … it is hard to no cry :cry:


Continuing to pray for a full recovery. :pray:t2:


Thanks for the update! Glad she is fighting, that means a lot. Continued prayers!




I’m so sorry I hate cancer. Prayers for you all.


I am very sorry she is so ill.
Prayers and hugs for her and your family.


Sending up prayers.


Update : she is much better !! I believe in the power of prayer and positive thoughts ! Thank you so much for Your help !
Today We could talk to her , she said my name and my nickname ( she is the only one who call me “Joy”
I am so happy !! She is still recovering
But it is almost a miracle to see her fast improvement !
She was even complaining that she was hungry
Very happy
Thank you again :two_hearts:
Hugs to you all


That is awesome that shes doing a bit better!:grinning:


Thank you SO much for your prayers …
It is almost a miracle that she is almost 100% .
She is going home today … she still needs to talk to the doctor to decide if she will continue with chemotherapy or not … a hard decision .
Here a picture of her and her husband ( a true love for sure ) he wouldn’t leave her alone any moment …