Need prayers or positive thoughts please


My mother in law who is like my mom to me is in Brazil battling cancer … this morning she got too dehydrated due to diarrhea and vomiting… and then went to the hospital and is now in coma …
I am very scared and worried about her …
she just came to visit us last September …
I can’t imagine losing her … she is the strongest woman I have ever met !!
Please pray for her , for her fast recovery … she still needs to finish her chemotherapy…
Hugs to all and thank you in advance


I am sorry to hear. I hope she wakes up soon


Praying for you mom-in-law and your whole family.


Prayers for your mother in law and your family :pray:t2:


I am so sorry. Saying a prayer for her and your family.


So sorry to hear I have had several losses to this monster I hope and pray she recovers and God gives her and you strength and comfort through this.


Prayers for her and for all of you. Cancer is horrid


I’ll pray for her, and for you in this tough time. I will continue as well ask for strength not only for her but for you as well.


Praying for healing


So sorry. Prayers.


I’m so sorry. Sending prayers to her and all who love her.


I am so sorry to read this and will keep her in my prayers.


Sending many prayers.:pray:




Praying for her.




Praying that she recovers quickly. :pray:t2:


Praying!! I just lost my aunt to the terrible word. Its horrifying to go through. [Hugs]


Praying for strength and healing for you and your family


Praying for her and your family. :two_hearts: