Need or want a ton of Supplies/Oven Most Free!

I have made my last baby. Arthritis taking its tole. I have a ton of paints, mediums, tools, needles, some mohair, etc that I would like to give to someone! I also have an oven sold here on Bountiful Baby that is the most wonderful oven to bake. Very even temperature. Loved it. Wish I had had it for the last 10 years instead of the last year (used maybe 4 babies)! So this I would be asking $100 for? I have all the racks etc for it. I also have a disc of tutorials (5 different skin tones) on a disc from Laura Antonelli (sp?) that are wonderful that you can have as well. I will give everything with the oven. Call me/text me at 801-619-1943. Wonderful way to start.


I don’t use heat set but that’s a very generous offer.

I would be interested if you are still looking to get rid of your supplies

I am the same – I don’t do heat set. But, it is a very thoughtful, generous offer.

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I am so sorry that your health pushing you to quit reborning. Your offer is so generous and will make someone very happy. Do you have any kits left?
@GrammysReborns Happy for you, Teresa, if you’ll get this!

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Thank you, she is the sweetest lady!!

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I will let someone get a chance who is just starting out and needs this.

I do want to say I am so sorry that arthritis has taken this away from you. It isn’t fair. I hope you find another creative outlet that works for you.

Don’t leave the group, you don’t have to paint to be a part of this family.


I know that it has been a while but are you still looking to get rid of any supplies?

Hi by some chance do you still need to get rid of some of your supplies. I’m just getting started. And could use some help