Need opinions please ....Newborn Peeling skin

Ok Ladies I need your opinions before I decide what to do with this baby girl… All you ladies are always such great help I thought I would ask you first… I have never seen the peeling skin before and have always wanted to try it so here she is. Of course If i were to list her I would have to put …Just like a real newborn the skin will eventially go away…Cause I am sure overtime with changing clothes this will wear off. Oh and also I had a Ashton Drake Sarah with the crying mechanism so I put that body on my Blake so now her head moves and she cries…Pleas let me know your thoughts …good or bad…I do have a vidio if you want to see…Can I post it here ? Thanks In advance and here she is…

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sorry dear, none of your pictures are showing up

I dont understand why…can someone help me I pasted the img code is that right.?

I was able to see the pics by clicking on one. ALSO how did you make her move and cry!

Wow that is amazing! Her skin tone is perfect too. You know now that we are going to want to know how the heck you got the skin to look like that. Also Great job…Luv ya

She is amazing!! wonderful effect and her skin tone is beautiful!!

Oh my gosh I love her skin tone. Can’t get the video to play but she is a gorgeous baby.

Both of these “details” are novelties!

The peeling skin and the “crying-baby” movement/sound!

WTG! Real cool!

She’s so realistic! Great job!

UN.BE.LIEVE.A.BLE! WOW! What a great dollbaby!

I have that same sculpt for my son’s custom and the eyes just don’t seem to be inset in them correctly/ i think they may be too big and yours looks perfect…what kind/size did you use if you don’t mind me asking. she is TDF!!!

I think my problem is I only have the free photo bucket and you only get so much bandwith… …Can I just post the http. and that will take you to my photo bucket ? Will it work that way ? Then you can see her and the vidio .

If you just click on one of the pics it will take you to the photobucket album where the video can be viewed as well as all the pics. Maybe you couldjust include that in your first post.

Beautiful Baby ! ! ! ! ! ! !