Need opinions please before I list baby. Thanks!

I am getting ready to list Tessa. She is the first open-eyed baby that I will be listing. She does not have eyelashes and I am wondering how bad that might hurt a sale? I have tried rooting on a previous baby (used the tutorial) but just couldn’t get it to look right and the kind that you glue on seem too big for this baby (even with some snipping). I attached her picture below and I don’t think she looks too bad. If you were a prospective buyer, would this bother you? Thanks for your advice!


It wouldn’t bother me either. I think she’s adorable! You could always try without lashes first and if she doesn’t sell, put some on her…BOL!

Thanks so much for your opinions! I think I am leaning that way - toward listing her with no lashes and seeing how that goes. Thanks again!

She’s just adorable! You could list her without the lashes and mention that if the winning buying would like lashes you could add them for them. This way the winning bidder could select the color and length.

I think she is adorable without them, precious baby!!

Thank you so much, everyone!! Gonna go for it with no lashes and see how it works out!


She is very pretty. bol on her auction.

 Hugs Tina