Need honest critique. baby faith


What you think?, be honest I can hold it.

ITS NOT THE best photos but its raining today and Im using the OTT LIGHT for the picture.

Its not finish yet, need crease shading, another flesh layer nail tips etc.


Awww she is darling!! You really did a great job painting her! I would add a bit more color to lips, but other than that, she looks wonderful! Great job!


I agree that her lips need a tiny bit more color…can’t wait to see her wish creases and everything…great job


She is very sweet. I love your siggy baby too. Is she a noe sculpt?


Thanks, Ladies for your comments. Im gonna add a little bit more color to the lips , Thank you Danielle and texangel. Yes P-chan she is Noe sculpt. She was the baby I did with Lara on her on line classes.



She is very sweet. So peaceful looking. Great job on her. I may be getting one soon. Might be adopting Marci’s baby noe.


She’s adorable. You did a great job on her. I’m really starting to like this sculpt.


Your baby so far is looking terrific!! Can’t wait to see her done!


I think she is looking very good, keep them pics coming…


Your baby is a cute and will be beautiful when finished, I would add more color on lips and maybe some capilars or red spots to define better her eyelids.

Can I make you a grammatical remark?
If you say “Huellitas”, they are allready “Pequeñas”, I’m affraid it’s not correct to use both words together.
Your nursery name will look better in spanish if it was “Pequeñas Huellas” or just “Huellitas” (I like this one better, because you’ll have not the problem with the missing “ñ”). I hope you don’t mind I told you



She is a cutie. Can’t wait to see her all done.

   HUgs Tina


Thanks ladies.

Thanks Rosa for your remark, I never think in something like that , your are true. Now I have to decide if keep it or change it . Rosa you make me think.


Don’t worry, if you keep it I’ll don’t tell anybody…shhhhh…Even most spanish speaking people will don’t see its wrong.
And I’m sorry for giving you a trouble


I whish you (and everybody here) would (or “will”?) correct my big mistakes in english, that will be helpful to learn more


So far so good!! Are you going to add more color to the lips too? She’s coming right along!!



Coloring is beautiful so far! Not too fond of the sculpt though…needs more wrinkles and detailing. Keep the pics coming!!!