Need help


Hi need advice on what to do … I have totally finished a doll and a lady wanted this kit but with blonde hair instead of the light brown hair , Being that I can’t get another kit I was wondering how hard it would be to redo the hair into blonde . will I end up with too many holes by pulling out the hair and rerooting it blonde . Gabby


That would basically be doing a custom doll. Charge her the price of the kit,body,and eyes if needed. Then charge her the rest when you finish. I would never do a custom with out doing that.


You could take out the old mohair and re-do it, maybe without the holes showing. Depends on what kind of vinyl you are woking with.
It would be a lot of extra work and you should tell the lady that you will charge her accordingly.
Make her pay for at least half of the baby, plus the price of the new blonde mohair before you even start on it (non-refundable, of course) and then tell her you will need to charge her for the extra time it will take to re-reborn the baby.

Maybe she will decide she likes the baby with brown hair afterall.


Hi , This baby wasn’t a custom just a doll I did , she is a Julieanna by Tammy Yarrie , I can’t get another one . the hair has been sealed so I deciced to color the hair blonde .


Do not color the hair that is already on the baby’s head! You will ruin her.


Even though the baby **wasn’t **a custom baby, the lady is asking you **to make it a custom **by changing the hair to blonde.

You can unseal the hair. Usually, depending on what you used, you can peel the old glue from the iside of the head and pull out the old mohair. I did that and completly re-reborn a doll.


I’m thinking you can’t redye hair on the doll, it will dye the vinyl too!