Need Help Please


I got this message about my Arianna toddler doll today:

“Do you know how much it is when the doll passes through custom’s as it crosses the border into Canada?”

I have no clue how much that would be. She is 15 pounds and I live in MS.

Does anyone know this?


its really difficult to say i have had dolls come through with no custom fees at all and then some have come and i have had to pay up to 45.00 on one. i think it all depends on the people working at the time it goes though. last week my husband got a whole set of golf clubs in and there was no custom fees on them at all and if i was a lady at customs i would have charged him big time. lol just kidding. marlene


It is a really good question.

The weight would be about the shipping cost. Customs would be about importing and that would be about the category (jewelry vs. apples) and however Canadian laws value the item. If it is the first item you have imported in years I would think it might be duty free. If you have already imported $10,000 this year I would think it would be super expensive.

I don’t even know what the duties are to import into the United States, but I have come into the US from several countries. I never seem to know what it will cost. Also it seemed to be that there was no duty below $350 in 1971 and it hasn’t changed much in almost 40 years.

Not a good clear answer I know, but I hope it helps a bit.


I think customs fees are based on the declared value of the item which is why a lot of people will try to get you to declare their value low or mark them as a gift. I would just tell her to contact her local customs dept. and ask that question.