Need help picking kit

I have yet another portrait baby to do. Here is her pic. What kit do you see?

What an adorable baby! I see Bethany by Linda Murray. … 3a693109d3

Yeah I see Bethany too. Unfortuantely Bethany’s kit is a bit out of the budget. Do you see Aubrey or Pinky?

Aubrey looks good, not too sure about Pinky.
Some other ideas: … 4aadd85d00 … 336abc7a6f

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what about shyann, could you please tell me who pinky is I think she is lovely

thank you

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Pinky is a kit from Sec rist. She is often used for portrait babies of down syndrome children.

Now that you mention the down syndrome, I am not so sure about Pinky either. I am hoping to get more pics to help find just the right kit. Sometimes the portrait baby kit matching is so easy, other times, not so much. But its a labor of love and its starts at the beginning.
Thanks for your input girls, I’ll let you know how it goes ~~

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Marcy, I’m just curious, how do you get all these orders for portrait babies? Is it word of mouth? Do you know them personally? I think it’s great that you can do that. Besides the challenge, it’s a great alternative to Ebay, isn’t it?

By the way, I don’t know what the little girl looks like with her mouth open and smiling, but what about Punkin?

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I have gotten most of them from Etsy. Others from word of mouth. Do you have an etsy store? You really should look into it if you dont. mine is it out…