Need Help Matching Kits Please

These two beautiful babies are unfortuantely Angels now and thier parents would like me to make them customs, could you please help with kit matches.

Baby Girl

Baby Boy

The little girl baby kind of reminds me of a Summer kit I have here, especially the mouth and chin and nose.
Isn’t it hard doing these babies when you know they have passed? It is very heart breaking for me.

I lost a little girl to sids and only have her picture from the funeral. I want to match a kit to her so I can do a memory baby but it’s hard to match a kit to her. Also it’s kind of hard to ask someone to look at the picture and ask for a kit match. Maybe someday I will find a match and be able to do it. I hope you find a kit match.

I am so so sorry you lost your little girl.

I lost my son and know too well the heartbreak and unbelievable pain only a grieving mother can understand.

Someday I would also like to have a memory baby but dont think I can match him enough and even then he wouldnt be real enough. Its hard to know whats best.


Sadly both of these children were taken at the same time at age 13 & 16 in a car accident Yes it’s hard and I"m VERY nervous about this, so all your help is GREATLY Appreciated.

I think this Berenguer looks like the little boy…I can’t remember the sculpt but maybe you can identify it.


How sad to lose both at once! Good luck finding kits to match them. I hope you are able to bring some solace to the grieving families. I can’t even begin to imagine…

what about berenguer snookie face for the boy?

there is also another kit and for the life of me i can’t remember the name, ugh, i will keep looking!

Thank you ladies so much for the suggestions so far, if there are any others please let me know. Thank You!!!

I found lots. That’s what I do at home when I match kits for my orders. It makes it easier for me to look through them and narrow them down when I get so many and then compare side by side. =] Good luck with your customs! They sure were cute little people.
The boy looks like: … STOCK.html
AND … VINYL.html
AND … K_NOW.html
AND … D_OUT.html

The girl kind of reminds me of: … STOCK.html
AND … OFFER.html
AND … K_NOW.html
AND … _DEAL.html