Need help for a paler complexion plz


This is day one painting these 2. Cutie is going to have pale blonde hair and I’m not sure about Kimberly; probably baby brown. I haven’t done too much so far - 3 mottles and creases, blue undertones and 2 flesh layers but that’s all. My issue is that I have a tendency to paint babies with bold tones - either through lots of mottling and/or final washes. On these 2 my hope is for more peaches or strawberry and cream…not sure which one. I just know I’m trying for a more paler skintone but don’t really know what to do next…washes? What color? Flesh layers? What mix? Ugh. Lol! Oh, I do my veins first, then one flesh layer, next mottles, then creases/shading and then everything else. These pictures were taken at night so they are paler in person without much personality yet.
Thanks for looking and sharing your advice…


This is my latest i am painting, if this is anything like what your talking about? I followed the beginning steps of jackie ortiz on patreon. She starts out “neutralizing” her kits no matter what skin tone she is going for, just to start out with a really pale vinyl. I did this with this baby, just using a few layers of white mixed with a little flesh 08 and a tiny dab of genesis yellow.


I have been working on this for a while, finally getting good results with my latest experiment… I did everything I normally do, but added white to all my paint mixes. I am going to be playing around with this again soon, but believe that I’m onto something here. Here is that baby.

What size eyes are you using on Cutie? I’m painting her too and am not too sure about these 20mm I’m using.



22mm cuz the 20’s looked too surprised! But I have to put them in when the head is warm so they sit flush.


For that complexion I won’t add many raw sienna,yellow ochre or burnt umber washes . Maybe one or two layers only .


I don’t neutralize unless my vinyl is very pink or orange. I typically start out with primary washes, mottling, and veins. Then I do an all over blushing. After all that I go over everything with flesh washes in the colors I feel are needed to tone down my existing coloring because I am an over painter for sure. I like washes of (RebornFX) Baby Flesh if the baby needs a tad pink in the flesh tone, Caramel Cream if I want the flesh tone to be creamy warm or Peach Skin if I want a peachy flesh. After 1 or 2 washes I then decide if I need to do something over it to warm it a bit.


@DollyPardon Glad to hear the long drought is over, and you’re once again getting some joy out of your reborning.
I agree w/you — you are definitely onto something.
I love your baby and the one by @shandeni.
I’m going to try this on my next reborn, as I LOVE the pale complexions!

Go Dolly :crazy_face:


Thank you, @Simone, but this baby was sold months ago before the drought began. Lol We will see how it goes today. :slight_smile:


I stopped using flesh colors and simply do a few washes like Jackie Ortiz does, a little yellow, a little white and careful not to get a white ashy baby. I wills how how the Flange of the neck is orange:


This is where they are now…as far as color:


Beautiful! Here is a pale skin tone baby I did. I am including one that was a WIP that shows mottling and then finished. This was like maybe the sixth baby I painted, but I learned to get a milky base tone with her. I like to use a light flesh mixed with lavender as a wash and I do that every now and then through the process and to blend at the end.


@jennyk Oh she’s gorgeous!!! :heart_eyes:


Perfect pale skin tone!


@Simone Thank you!!
@Mommy2five Thank you! I am anxious to paint this skin tone again. I have a Lindsay Faber that I think would look good as a milky baby. probably a late spring project.


If you want skin more pale, the best way is to do white washes. But you have to be careful not to let it pool or you will get chalkiness. You need to do several thin washes until it gets as pale as you want.


I had read that the RebornFX paints were no longer in production. Is this true? If it is not true, then where can I find it online?


That’s BabyFX. RebornFX can be purchased through MacPherson’s Crafts.