Need help! Don't open mail before coffee! Please read


Okay soooo I had a blonde moment today. I was opeing packages today and I got some eyes. I think I got them from Rose but well I lost the package they came in so I can’t be sure! lol I want to leave feedback but I need to make sure I am leaving feed back for the right person. I know pretty dumb huh?
So if you sent me Eyes last week please please let me know. For now you are the sweet mystery lady that sends eyes super fast!


That is funny, dont worry you are not the only one that has those blonde moments


Hi Lori, I didn’t include much to go by . too much hurry and not enough
thought. glad you are happy. rosemarie


Yay it was you!!! I figured out where the package it came in went to. My husband asked me to write something down for him and I grabbed the first thing I could lay my hands on and it was your package. LOL I just remembered a few moments ago!