Need advice for a mix and match kit


How does this look? Kaelin’s head with cupcake’s limbs. Not sure what body this is but it measures about 6-1/2 inches as pictured. Any opinions or recommendations on her proportions or body

the whole pic shows up when you click on it- i hope.


lets try this again.


Kaelin’s head is too small for those limbs, maybe try BB Liam’s head or a 17/18 inch kit’s head.


I need to use Kaelin’s head, it’s to match her daughter. I just liked cupcake’s limbs better.Thought maybe the body was throwing me off…:roll_eyes:


You need full 16 inch limbs if you want full limbs, the ones you have now are too large


I think the head is too little also.


Maybe it would look better on a body like cupcake’s?


I agree use Cupcakes body or the new body. I think Cupcake and Kaelin have the same size head just Cupcake has big ears.


I do have the new body and I compared it to the one in the pic. It seems a little larger…I’ll look around some more. If I get cupcakes body, I’ll try that. Might be easier to stick to the original kit. Thanks.


Pic one is Kadence original kit and body, second is with cupcake limbs/new body. Cupcake looks fuller. I was trying for fulll limbs, but i think the original kit looks better. Any more thoughts?


I think she looks fine with cupcake limbs on the proper body. I really like both Cupcake and Kaelin’s limbs but the full limbs do open more clothing options up. :slight_smile: