NB, PR, SPR Booties and PR, SPR, MP Sets


Listed 3/24

Newborn, Preemie Small Booties and Preemie, Small Preemie, Micro Preemie Sets

Thanks for looking.

Elizabeth the booties arrived and they are the perfect size for Sweet Stuff's little feet. Love them! Now I need them in white! 
 Also I love item number and want to get a set of these.

http://cgi.ebay.com/White-Boy-Girl-Bonn … 4cee65145e

I would love a set of these, but I am going out of town for a week and won’t be back until April 3rd so didn’t place a bid on them now. Will you be having more like these listed again around that time frame?

Hi Ginny, glad you like them and that they fit perfect.

I am working on more bonnets that size and style.

Okay I will look them them when I get back. Love that style!

Looking for more of your pretty crocheted items again. Back from vacation so can bid on them now. Will you be relisting the little white hat and booties sets you had on Ebay a little over a week ago?

Hi Ginny
Just got back. I took a short vacation, too, after the last set of auctions ended. I hope to list tonight or Wednesday.

Thanks, I will be checking on Ebay from time to time then.