NB Joseph


I just adore this little man. Can’t wait to get Darren. I think they may make great twins.


So so adorable!!


Also yes they would make a great set of twins!!


Oh I love this one, so perfect!! And I can see a little Darren in him.


Seriously you should see Canon! :wink: He was the spitting image of 3 month Joseph at the ROSE show! lol

I assume his kit will have a lot of similarities to Joseph.

All Jessica’s babies are adorable.


So adorable!:heart_eyes:


Before I even read that Darren was his little brother, I thought they looked the same.


He is beautiul!!! :two_hearts::heavy_heart_exclamation:️:cupid::sparkling_heart::heartpulse::heartbeat::revolving_hearts:


He’s so adorable! He’s next on my work table (washed and waiting)


He’s beautiful! He was one of my favorite of the Realborns I have done so far.