Na'vi inspired Joseph WIP


All my avar Ladies @ladyavtr @marrabo @Anne help/ advise needed!
I don’t know if I’m failing miserably and just need to strip the kit and start all over or I am getting somewhere and should keep going.
I started it as a regular baby with skin layers and mottling as @ladyavtr said. I intentionally went with heavy Vein Blue mottling so it will show off under the blue and he will not look flat. But maybe it was a mistake and it was too heavy. I also failed to achieve that turqise base color that @ladyavtr babies has. Right now he has 16 layers, 5 top of them blue and some vein blue washes. May be my washes are too thing and I should make them more concentrated?

Right now he looks like dead decomposing body to me (not that I saw dead decomposing body in my life, but imaging that it looks that way).

Should I make blue washes more concentrated?
Should I wash him with white to lighten-up?
Should I try to mix turquoise color that I couldn’t achieve the first time?
Should I used Veig Blue at all?
How I can make him brighter blue/ turquoise?
Should I srip and start all over?
Help please!! I am so discouraged at this moment. Unfortunately he does not look that dark in the photos, but I just feel that colors are not right. Want to cry…


I wish I could help you, I see your mottling and love it, looks great to me. I am thinking that maybe if it were me, I would mix the exact finished color i would want the baby avi to be very very concentrated and do at least 5 layers of that. But that is me just guessing how I might guess to troubleshoot it if it were my issue.


I’ve never mad an avatar baby, but when I wanted a really concentrated color with my baby Groot, I mixed a LOT of paint with thick medium, thinning medium, and a touch of thinner until I got a sort of runny yogurt texture, then painted with that. It worked to bring the kit to my desired color in one layer.


You did not ask me, but I say to mix up the exact color you want him to be and keep it more concentrated.


@DollyPardon Your opinion s always very valuable to me and your experience is priceless!


Do not cry! He looks Awesome. Do not strip him. Just continue with what you are doing. Sometimes the babies have minds of their own as you are going along. He will cooperate in the end, lol! I did not do a flesh color at all. I just jumped right in with the blue. Veins didn’t even enter my thought process.

I love the way the mottle looks. He looks better than you think! You know once you do his creases and shading etc. he will change. I did my washes milky but that was Air Dry. Can’t wait to see what you do!


That is so true. I actually think all my babies so far had minds of their own. I was just their ‘instrument’. :joy:
OK, I had to trust this little happy guy. Will make my paint thicker based on all recommendations.

Thank you ALL!


I used air dry paints on mine and I wanted some of the flesh tone to show on my baby however I mixed the shade I wanted him more concentrated than I would normally use .
Then shading and depth more was used the stripes I did the same just darker colors .


If you are using Genesis paints you will need to mix your colors more concentrated. Also, using Genesis thinner to thin your paints will help you to be able to apply more color saturated layers. You can add some green paint to your vein blue to make it more turquoise.


I failed my little Avi baby. I tried more concentrated blue color (without Gen. thinner medium) and it dried so powdery. I rub the place and all layers came off except that concentrated verin blue mottling. To say that I was surprise would be an understatement. I thought that heat setting secures all prev layers. So I decided to strip him with rubbing alcohol. It worked (mottling still stayed as well as his palms and feet).
Sad for my time, but trying to call it an experience:

  1. Striped my first kit (well, sort of stripped)
  2. It will give me an opportunity to experience with sealing kit first with varnish, like I’ve read from a few RA lately. I think paint layers will grab better after that.
  3. I didn’t give-up (yet).
  4. I did gave-up, though, on turquoise undertone, as I tried it again in several formulas, but it never came out as bright and clear.

Thanks for reading my story, if you are still with me… :slight_smile:

Lots of respect to alternative artists!! To make well made alternative is much harder than a human looking baby, IMO.


Awww I hope you keep trying!


I will and keep you posted, as I probably will need another advise :wink:


I will help as much as I can!


Thank you! :kissing_heart:


Oh no I am sooo sorry, How frustrating that must be, argh. You are definitely finding the silver lining though​:grin:. Look at all those firsts you can check off your reborning bucket list. Okay maybe not the right bucket :wink:. I wish I knew more to help you. I have a feeling I will be in your boat soon enough with my first alternative. I agree, just doing this test limb, I have a new respect for alternative reborn artists!


I.never Avatar but I think baby lools fine. More.concentrated blue washes will do




Oh no, I’m sorry!! I dont use genesis and have no idea why it would become powdery or rub off. How disappointing for you. This next time you will get it though. Looking forward to seeing photos. :blush:


@DollyPardon @Reefbubbles I only disappointed about time, but I am glad about new experiences. Now I am trying ‘sealing first’ method. May be paint will act better after that. Yes, concentrated Genesis always turn into the powder, I should add G. thinner medium to make it thicker, but I didn’t as I didn’t have enough.
I am so grateful to little Joseph. I tried several new things on him and he is still smiling :slight_smile: - what a great kit.

  1. Tried primary method as I started his layers first as a human baby and decided that it’s not for me;
  2. Trying ‘sealing first’ method now;
  3. Learned that have Vein Blue mottling is not good even for blue avatars;
    And I am sure that I’ll learn more on this avatar journey…

@Reefbubbles Wishing you luck with yours! Did you start on a baby or you still experimenting? While I was painting mine with concentrated blue yesterday, I was thinking how cool it would be if you make twins: one white with a blue design and another blue with a white design.


Wouldn’t that be fun! I have Holly, but @ashleyfox98 is shipping me a kit that may work also…Cutie I think it is…you never know😉